Varitoni: Problems with your Sex Drive?

Losing interest in sex? Not in the mood for that late-night activity? Well, you’re not alone in this sex dilemma. According to research, men ages 30 and up, tends to lose their interest in sex which usually leads to unsatisfied partners or unstable relationship.

A loss of interest in sex is related to a decline in testosterone level in the body caused by certain factors like stress, smoking, excessive alcohol drinking or even using drugs.

I just turned 45 years old last week and I know that as I age my sex drive also weakens. I wanted to retain my vigor and vitality so I researched in the market about a product that could help me restore my inner drive.

I heard about Varitonil which guarantees to increase testosterone level by 155%. I was hesitant at first of this product so I researched more about it. I found out that Varitonil is 100% pure and safe. Its ingredients are solely inspected for clarity, content and effectiveness.

I tried Varitonil for about a week and I noticed a substantial increase in my sex drive, I felt that I was in the mood for some action. I have been using this product for almost a month and I’ve been getting good results and no negative side effects.


What is Headlock Muscle Growth?

There has been a lot of media releases featuring a product that seem to boost energy and testosterone, enhances energy and libido, and helps you grow muscle and lose fat at the same time. Sounds like a fairy tale, right? It looks like that it is possible, using Headlock Muscle Growth!

The team behind Headlock Muscle claims that there is a scientific break behind the success of this product, and many people who have used it are praising it, providing before-after images that may look like a fraud. However, those are real people, and their transformations are real. The muscle-stimulating formula in Headlock Muscle brings cellular bonding and enhancement to an entirely new level.

The scientific advancement in Headlock Muscle is achieved through L-Arginine HCL and the careful combination of herbal simulators, all to improve the way we train and recover, the way we progress, and the way our muscles grow. Furthermore, the effect is multiplied by a hormone-enhancing combination of Tribulus, Terrestris and Horny Goat Weed, a Hollywood’s well-known “secret” behind the bodies of famous actors.

With Headlock Muscle Growth, you’ll be able to transform your body and reach new heights in strength, endurance, energy, and agility.

Edge HPX: Supplement for Erectile Dysfunction


Making the most out of a bad situation always takes the edge off. Staying positive can be difficult when the quality of life an individual is used to, begins to slowly become worse. It’s a problem that is only measurable by the individual, as no one else can understand the impact. For many ailments and problems related to health, there are open support groups, marches and rallies, that at the most get more research done to resolve the issue and public awareness of the problem to help normalize the situation. At least, it makes those suffering from the affliction feel better. Erectile Dysfunction and testosterone dysfunction are not one of those problems. As far as private afflictions go, the impact of erectile dysfunction can be potent. Its effects go beyond the physical, impacting many patient’s mental state rendering them less motivated to enjoy sexual experiences, due to their baseline anxiety and emotional state being depleted. Testosterone deficiency weighs down relationships and sexual experiences. The motivation to initiate disappears due to performance anxiety. With a myriad of treatments available from avanafil to tadalafil to hormone replacement therapy, there are options for finding a solution that can repair the problem. However, the validity and safety is in question due to the rapid research focusing on results above long term usage and it’s impact on those afflicted’s lifestyle. Many treatments come with rampant side effects that can cause depression, higher anxiety, dizziness, nausea and even in some isolated cases, death.

The use of erection pills is cautioned. Though it makes the process of gaining a solid erection that can be used to satisfaction for hours easy, it doesn’t correct the issues that are causing the testosterone deficiency or erectile dysfunction. They are tertiary solutions at best and at worst addiction laden medications that can make good sexual health a farther and farther goal to reach. The costs of using short term solutions is that more often than not, they are as they appear, temporary. These quick solutions reinforce the thought that solutions should be instantaneous. Erection pills tend to be costly financially both in terms of upfront costs for each pill as well as treating their side effects. Many attempt to supercede the cost of out of pocket payments for pills by seeking third party sellers that do not require prescription. This is dangerous due to the wide array of potential chemicals that could be added or subtracted that could be toxic. The reliability of a provider that is even well reviewed does not mean they are without their faults. Many side effects take time to appear, and finding out first hand more often than not can be too late to treat. When calculating the costs of a solution, research is key. Taking the time to research the experiences of others with similar problems can make finding a long term solution easier. Too many rush to the easiest solution that handles the symptom only to find themselves either in a worse position later or at best successful with extreme limitations. The impact erection pills and hormone therapy can have on an otherwise healthy person are well documented and the negative side effects clearly are not to be dabbled with. Though it’s up to the individual’s discretion to decide what is best of them, it’s something to take into consideration. There are options that can improve overall sexual health, whilst facilitating a better body both aesthetically and practically. The reason many choose not to use other solutions is due to the effort required to see the benefits. However, it’s worth noting that supplement based solutions tend to have a longer lasting effect whilst not sacrificing any of the physical health levels that erection pills are detrimental to.

Androgenyx Edge HPX: Supplement for Erectile Dysfunction


Once again, there are options. One of the premier companies for erectile dysfunction and testosterone treatment available is Androgenyx. Androgenyx’s focus on discretion and only using natural ingredients that have an organic delivery method to reduce negative impact on the body above all makes their products extremely potent. One product that has been tested extensively is Edge HPX. As far as supplements go, Edge HPX is one of a kind. The benefits are twofold. On one hand, Edge HPX delivers on its promise of enhanced sexual health and energy. Many report experiencing gradually greater amounts of erections that are firmer and larger. The composition stimulates the blood flow between the heart and the penis whilst boosting overall sexual energy and sexual arousal. The nitrogen and oxygen reaction that is caused by the Edge HPX is chiefly responsible for its massive impact on erectile function. There are higher quantities of oxygen delivered to all of the muscles in the body with frequent use leading to more muscle gains, and overall increased muscle function, including in the penis. There are no known recorded adverse reactions or side effects reported with use of the Edge HPX. The cost is minimal compared to other treatments, only costing $20-$30 for a month long initial treatment package. Delivered to the purchaser’s address in nondescript packaging, Edge HPX’s composition is simple yet effective for treating testosterone deficiency and erectile dysfunction quietly and quickly. Though Androgenyx’s brand is focused on being as private as it is on being effective, their results speak for themselves. It’s apparent that no brand is perfect especially when it comes to an issue as complex as erectile dysfunction. It doesn’t mean that shooting for higher quality at a better price shouldn’t still be the utmost goal. For many companies, the entire focus is on getting the money from the customer, so all possible outcomes is dependent on the person. Short term results usually requires higher costs and most of the time less long term viability. Long term results require patience and gradual improvement with more attention on the different causes more so than the symptom. Edge HPX balances the delicate intricacies of repairing sexual health with being usable in the long term for improving overall quality of life.