What are the best supplements for vitamin D?

Vitamin D has an impact on about 2000 genes in your body. Those 2000 genes affect your body’s ability to fight cancer and properly maintain bones and muscles.

Vitamin D deficiency is much more common than you think. About one in five adults are listed as having low levels of vitamin D. One in four kids have vitamin D deficiency.

Women who had high levels of Vitamin D had a higher chance of combating breast cancer. One third of women with high vitamin D levels have a chance of defeating breast cancer. Vitamin D prevents cancer cells from reproducing, which in turn stops cancer from spreading.

Vitamin D directly affects bones by strengthening them, but this is mostly predominant in people acquiring vitamin D from the sun. Also some cancers, other than breast, are limited from spreading. You do have to be careful able sunlight exposure because of the ability to get skin cancer. Properly use the amount of SPF sunscreen you need to still get the benefits of the sun’s rays and not get cancer.

New research has shown that there are links made between vitamin D deficiency and bladder cancer. Being aware of vitamin D levels requires you to go to a physician and getting blood work done. He or she can properly tell you what levels you are at and how to prevent deficiency from happening in the future.

Summertime is an easy time to get your daily amount of vitamin D. The UV rays hit your skin and you are good to go. The wintertime is when vitamin D deficiencies skyrocket. There are supplements for vitamin D that anyone can take to prevent a deficiency from occurring in the wintertime.

The people who should specifically be keeping track of their vitamin D intake are pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding. Children who are under five years old are especially at risk because vitamin D is essential for bone growth at this time.

A large part of vitamin D is absorbed in the human body through the UV rays emitted by the sun. There are supplements available which allows vitamin D to be taken orally.

Vitamin D supplements exist and have two different versions. There is a synthetic version of Vitamin D2 that is created through using fungus and plants. This is the version that is most likely encouraged to patients by doctors.

The vitamin D that is produced naturally through sunlight is coined vitamin D3. Doctors recommend to get vitamin D3 since it is metabolized in your body twice as fast than vitamin D2.

There are also dietary supplements for vitamin D. Vitamin D3 is provided through certain meats and dairy products that will be most beneficial to the person lacking in vitamin D. Some fish provide a large source of vitamin D3 and those are salmon, tuna, and mackerel. Egg yolk is also a great supplement for vitamin D. Be wary of milk and check the carton for which vitamin D is added. Choose the brand that has added vitamin D3.

Vitamin D supplements are available everywhere, you just have to be aware of what is beneficial for intake.