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What are the best supplements for vitamin D?

Vitamin D has an impact on about 2000 genes in your body. Those 2000 genes affect your body’s ability to fight cancer and properly maintain bones and muscles.

Vitamin D deficiency is much more common than you think. About one in five adults are listed as having low levels of vitamin D. One in four kids have vitamin D deficiency.

Women who had high levels of Vitamin D had a higher chance of combating breast cancer. One third of women with high vitamin D levels have a chance of defeating breast cancer. Vitamin D prevents cancer cells from reproducing, which in turn stops cancer from spreading.

Vitamin D directly affects bones by strengthening them, but this is mostly predominant in people acquiring vitamin D from the sun. Also some cancers, other than breast, are limited from spreading. You do have to be careful able sunlight exposure because of the ability to get skin cancer. Properly use the amount of SPF sunscreen you need to still get the benefits of the sun’s rays and not get cancer.

New research has shown that there are links made between vitamin D deficiency and bladder cancer. Being aware of vitamin D levels requires you to go to a physician and getting blood work done. He or she can properly tell you what levels you are at and how to prevent deficiency from happening in the future.

Summertime is an easy time to get your daily amount of vitamin D. The UV rays hit your skin and you are good to go. The wintertime is when vitamin D deficiencies skyrocket. There are supplements for vitamin D that anyone can take to prevent a deficiency from occurring in the wintertime.

The people who should specifically be keeping track of their vitamin D intake are pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding. Children who are under five years old are especially at risk because vitamin D is essential for bone growth at this time.

A large part of vitamin D is absorbed in the human body through the UV rays emitted by the sun. There are supplements available which allows vitamin D to be taken orally.

Vitamin D supplements exist and have two different versions. There is a synthetic version of Vitamin D2 that is created through using fungus and plants. This is the version that is most likely encouraged to patients by doctors.

The vitamin D that is produced naturally through sunlight is coined vitamin D3. Doctors recommend to get vitamin D3 since it is metabolized in your body twice as fast than vitamin D2.

There are also dietary supplements for vitamin D. Vitamin D3 is provided through certain meats and dairy products that will be most beneficial to the person lacking in vitamin D. Some fish provide a large source of vitamin D3 and those are salmon, tuna, and mackerel. Egg yolk is also a great supplement for vitamin D. Be wary of milk and check the carton for which vitamin D is added. Choose the brand that has added vitamin D3.

Vitamin D supplements are available everywhere, you just have to be aware of what is beneficial for intake.

Best Natural Supplements for Stress and Anxiety?


Stress is a facet of life that affects every single person. As a result of stress, anxiety can occur. Most of the time both work hand in hand to mentally break you down. It is important to realize when stress and anxiety is occurring so you can take proper steps to calm the body down.

Causes of stress


Stress can be induced by both the body internally and externally. Having a chronic illness can affect stress levels. Having emotional issues can also negatively affect stress levels. Mental illness can cause stress without any reason to. Major personal issues, like relationship and family problems, can cause stress in a person.

Social situations can cause people stress and anxiety. A person’s surrounding environment can also cause a massive amount of stimulation, which leads to stress. Being unhappy with a job can also lead to chronic stress, which can then lead to further mental illness occurring. Even more so, unemployment can cause an even deeper level of stress.

A minimal amount of stress can affect motivation, so individuals are stuck in a cycle of depression that is unbreakable.

The first step to dealing with stress is pinpointing exactly what is causing you stress.

Natural Remedies


When stress starts to become a natural part of life, people begin to seek remedies. Remedies can allow the individual to take back control of their life. Natural remedies are preferred because of the lack of side effects produced.

Kava root is a natural remedy for stress and anxiety that people who had stress confirm works. The root alleviates stress and promotes a feeling of relaxation. Kava root also improves must’ve cognition and gives the user a momentary sedated feeling. Do not mix alcohol while consuming the root because of the severe liver damage reported when mixing the two. It should be only taken as instructed, which gives way for two options.

Traditionally Kava root is taken in tea form by many natives in the Pacific Islands region. The tea can be found naturally growing in the region. Nowadays, kava root can be found in pill form, which is the most popular way of consumption. There are different companies making kava root pills, so a smart way to find which one suits the level of anxiety and stress you have would be through process of elimination.

Valerian root is another natural remedy that has been used by individuals for centuries. People under stress and anxiety have trouble sleeping, which is when valerian root comes into play. The root can alleviate insomnia issues and eases anxiety. Again, it is not wise to mix valerian root with alcohol because of the detrimental side effects.

The root can be consumed in tea form, but is not recommended. The smell coming from valerian root is especially pungent, which makes the consumption in tea form especially horrid. Most people take the root in pill form.

Due to the sedation felt under consumption, most people take valerian root before going to sleep. Valerian root can help control anxiety throughout the day, so some people also take it during times of extreme stress to calm down. Most people experiment with whatever brand works.

Chamomile tea is one of the most popular and cheap ways to combat stress and anxiety. It is both simple and effective in its execution to lower stress levels. Humans have been using chamomile for centuries and the affects of it have been proven to be true amongst users.

Health wise, chamomile proves to have a lot of various benefits. Chamomile can aid in digestive issues and has a beneficial response to insomnia. It tastes very well in tea form, but is also available in pill form.

Green tea is another natural remedy that can save you money and stress. The nutritional blue in drinking green tea is tremendous, along with enhancing antioxidants.There are natural amino acids found in green tea that helps address anxiety. The amino acid L-theanine helps make heart rate and blood pressure stabilized. When experiencing an anxiety attack, green tea will come in handy. Regular green tea can also help prevent anxiety attacks.

To have a more immediate reaction to the amino acid found in green tea, you can take the L-theanine supplement.

Stress and anxiety can also be prevented and contained though the consumption of passionflower. People who have nervous and anxious tendencies have all felt a wave of relaxation hit them after taking passionfruit.

The plant originally hails from Peru, but has spread to the international community for its beneficial effects towards stress management. Some people might be more sensitive to the fruit than others. There have been reported cases of people feeling extremely drowsy after passionfruit consumption. In general, people express a tranquil sentiment after consumption. The supplement is best recommended to take in pill form.

Lavender is a anti stress supplement that can be consumed in a number of ways. Both the lavender flower and the essential oil have calming effects. Studies have shown that people in stressful situations feel less stressed after lavender consumption.

In order to consume lavender, the individual had to inhale the flower. People buy lavender infused products such as laundry detergent so the smell of lavender can stay continuous throughout the day. Having a room smell like lavender also keeps the mind in a stressless place. Lavender is also available in pill form that can provide both a non-sleepy and calming demeanor.

Anxiety and stress can be dealt with using modern medicine, but the side effects can cause even worsened depression. Medication can also cause a dependency issue that will make the patient only able to function with the use of drugs.
Firstly, a doctor would have to prescribe the patient medication, which is very costly. Without health insurance, going to the doctor isn’t even an option. Plus when money is an issue, you wouldn’t want to put yourself in a situation that would cause even more stress anxiety.

Natural remedies for stress should become an ingrained part of your day. Involving natural remedies will form healthier habits and overall benefit all aspects of your health.